Nov2010 25

So, what's up?

Posted on Nov 25th, 2010

Hey everyone! Our blog posts are few and far between but we wanted to give you guys a quick update of what's going on. If you'd like more frequent up-to-the-day updates, you can follow our Twitter here. First off, as you know, the holiday season is here but unfortunately we don't be gracing you with "Christmas is Cancelled Part 3". We started working on it but unfortunately we had too many other things on our plate at the time and were unable to put as much energy into the project as we would have liked. The good news is that we're hard at work on another hip hop comedy video we think you'll all enjoy very much. That's still quite a few months off, so stay tuned.

Our ongoing project currently is Playing for Pocket Change which as of this writing has 10,000 combined views! We're thrilled at the sucess and positive response of this series and hope to continue producing more episodes into 2011. We just released episode 8 and have 2 more episodes filmed which will be released before Christmas.

We've got a lot of other things going on outside of Suddenly Tragic these days, so the releases of original programming isn't as much as it should be, but as always, if you're looking for a production crew to collaborate and work with, drop us an email. We're ready!

Thanks for supporting Suddenly Tragic Productions! Happy Holidays!

May2010 27

Spring 2010 and Beyond

Posted on May 27, 2010

Hey folks! We thought it's about time to give you guys a little update about what's going on. We've got a lot of exciting things on the horizon that we can't wait to share with you all. First off, we're very pleased with the success of the Playing For Pocket Change series. We're going to consider episodes 1-3 our "pilot" episodes. We're currently re-analyzing the series and expect to start shooting again the first week in June. We'd like to release 10 more episodes before September and then take a little break from it and see what happens from there.

We're also currently working on a music video for Midnight Mob, a Long Island based rock band. We believe that Midnight Mob is the greatest unsigned band out there right now and we're hoping that this music video helps give them the exposure they need to take their music worldwide! At this point we've already filmed two of their live shows and will be shooting a few additional days this June. We're hoping for a late June release of the video.

Lastly, we have a few other projects lined up that we're not quite ready to talk about just yet as we haven't got all the details in order. It's going to be a very busy summer for Suddenly Tragic so keep checking back to see what we've got going on! Follow us on Twitter for more frequent updates!

Jan2010 16

We're Back Online!

Posted on January 15, 2010

After nearly 2 weeks offline we're finally back! Wondering why we were gone? Well, our website was hacked and instead of just re-uploading the same stale site we decided to re-build from scratch. A re-design was long overdue anyway. This version of the site is a bit easier to navigate and watch videos. We hope you like it. If you find any problems with the site, please contact us and let us know about it. We wish everyone a Happy New Year, and here's to many great projects in the coming months!

DEC2009 30

A Suddenly Tragic Christmas

Posted on December 30th, 2009

A few days ago we posted part two of our hip hop holiday sensation "Christmas Is Cancelled". It got more hits in two days than part one got in a whole year, so we're pretty satisfied with that. We wanted to give you a quick behind the scenes look of what went on. Let's start off with the song recording. Here's a look back at that long, long night.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the 2-day shoot.
(Click the photos to enlarge)

Over the course of the shoot we posed for about 80 to 100 photos with strangers. 75% of those pictures were in Times Square alone! Unfortunately, despite asking everyone to email us their picture, only one person remembered.

It seems everywhere we went, we brought along the Christmas cheer with us, prompting three seperate street and subway musicians to break into a Christmas song upon seeing us. Here are two gentlemen doing just that on the 7 train, and yes, we gave them some money. How could we not? We loved these guys! (Click the video to watch)

And that's it! Shooting the video this year was a blast. We hope you enjoyed watching it, as well as taking a quick peek behind the scenes!

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